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New Leadership To Move Us Onward, Forward, Upward, And Outward

Dr. Quintessa Hathaway has journeyed the road as a public servant for over twenty years. A fire was lit in her youth to seek and serve humanity and to use her voice to love and lift people. As a child, she was very bright and inquisitive. She had dinner table and daily conversations on topical issues and history with her late father and grandfather. Her late beloved mother paved the way for her to flourish and worked hard to put her through undergraduate school. And, her praying and nurturing grandmother taught her the tenets of grace and womanhood. Although they have all transitioned, she knows they walk beside her everywhere she goes, and they prepared her for a lifetime.


Her thirst for knowledge continues to propel her as an academician and professionally. While in middle school, high school, and collegiately, she served a leader in the student government association. At age of fifteen, Dr. Hathaway participated in her first march with the National Conference for Communities and Justice (NCCJ) in the annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Commemorative March in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. While residing in Jackson, Mississippi; Nashville, Tennessee; Little Rock, Arkansas, and Atlanta, Georgia, she worked on political campaigns for local elected officials.


At age twenty-two and while completing her senior year at The Jackson State University, she sought to be a member of the 104th General Assembly in the Tennessee House of Representatives serving District 53 (parts of South Nashville and Antioch). She made history being among the youngest and an African American woman to ever seek the state legislative seat. That single opportunity gave her a chance to work with elected officials and see the internal working of the political process. It gave Dr. Hathaway an inside look at the power of influence, drumming up volunteers, marketing, campaign fundraising, as well as crafting public policy positions. Although she lost the election, she counted the undertaking as a victory and attained a third of the Democratic Party popular vote. Afterward, she continued to serve her community for over fourteen years as a distinguished tenured educator and taught in various capacities as a social science educationalist in both middle and high school in urban and suburban settings, an adjunct faculty member at a metropolitan Little Rock college, alternative education, and adult education.

For over thirteen years, she personally conducted voter registration drives across three states. For the past three presidential election and five congressional cycles, she led and implemented the National Student Mock Election Program at the schools where she educated.

Dr. Quintessa Hathaway is an advocate of public education. Her individual scholastic journey is rooted in the public educational system. Her foundation was laid in the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools District. She is an academic honor graduate of Glencliff Comprehensive High School in Nashville, Tennessee. She is graduate of the illustrious Jackson State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree. She went on to graduate from the renowned Tennessee State University with a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction; a Specialist in Education in Administration and Supervision; and a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership. Her groundbreaking dissertation, “The Common Core State Standards Initiative And The Achievement Gap” was a national analysis of our country’s educational policy. It is steeped in scholarship and has the potential to empower the American education system. Her research supports better policymaking, practice, and deeper engagement with those on the public square in their approach to pedagogy and curriculum.


Currently, Dr. Quintessa Hathaway is the founder, chief executive officer, and lead consultant of Q. Hathaway & Associates, LLC, a results-driven education consulting and professional development provider. Her organization is a woman and minority owned professional services entity based in metropolitan Little Rock, Arkansas. Her team of consultants have over one hundred twenty years of combined experience as highly qualified educators, published authors, textbook writers, instructional coaches, STEAM-certified teachers, grant writers, social workers, entrepreneurs, and kindergarten through higher education administrators who bring transformative solutions and evidence-based strategies to schools, districts, colleges, and universities across the United States of America. Her self-titled organization has grown rapidly and is making major strides to help educational entities thrive academically. Her teammates and she are on a historic mission and calling to increase student achievement by double digit gains in the core subject areas in underrepresented and poor communities, and those that are world class.


Her international professional blog, A Talk With The Community, captivates the hearts and minds of over 2,200 leading political and educational figures, think tanks, theologians, civil rights activists, national commentators, college and university presidents and educators, professionals, and informed citizens. The platform has flourished exponentially over the past seven years. It was featured in the African American Voices Juneteenth 2018 edition for its stance taken on the Libyan slavery crisis. A Talk With The Community raises awareness on social justice, has written to the United Nations on global crises, influences officials both domestic and international, and serves as a thought leader.

Dr. Quintessa Hathaway is a published author, writer, poet, and has an active research agenda and manuscripts in the publication process. One of her bestselling and seminal works to date is titled, “A Talk With The Community: Politics, Education, And Other Social Issues.” In 2013, she authored a book is titled, “Boy Joe Down In The Country: A Sharecropping Story,” a memorial literary text but also a living commemoration to a fading class of people. It gives a snapshot of a system that began during the Radical Reconstruction years and lasted through the 1950s and catapulted the American agrarian society into an economic machine. She wrote “Words From The Greats, Version 1.0,” part one of a trilogy series highlighting ten legendary leaders: Thurgood Marshall, James Baldwin, James Farmer, Jr., James Meredith, Fannie Lou Hamer, Diane Nash, Ella Baker, Dorothy Height, Malcolm X, and Shirley Chisholm.


Dr. Quintessa Hathaway is very active in local Arkansas and national political and educational arenas. She has combined her knowledge of public policy and education acumen and visibility in Democratic Party activities with an ability to shine a light on the most pressing issues of our time. Also, she is a member of several civic and social organizations. Dr. Quintessa Hathaway is a deeply spiritual and philosophical woman. She enjoys heartwarming and enthralling intellectual conversations. When she is not travelling for her consulting firm or leisure, she is home cooking savory meals, reading, writing, watching C-SPAN, and public speaking. Dr. Hathaway has built a brand and a record in which she proudly stands upon and fully apt to collaborate with educators and leaders.


Dr. Quintessa Hathaway reentered the political arena, because the ancestors are in agreeance. She is seeking to continue to serve the people of the state of Arkansas in another capacity. It is her desire to be apart of the "Onward, Forward, Upward, And Outward" task to bring progress and prosperity back to the state which she considers herself an adopted daughter. 


Dr. Hathaway believes Central Arkansas and the nation needs a new injection of hope and healing. This nation needs a pathway to compassion and courage that can only be brought about by real leadership. This nation knows when our survival is threatened by seemingly insurmountable odds, we are victorious. This nation is not defined by a single moment, but a long history steeped in a legacy of greatness and overcoming. This nation needs a reexamination of its policies and practices henceforth now and forevermore. Our candidacy is based on a message which is connected to a movement that is ringing out. Dr. Hathaway seeks to be a voice for Central Arkansas and Congressional District two (2) and let it ring louder on Capitol Hill. 

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